Robert, Ricky and Julie settle into their new home

Last week Robert, Ricky and Julie said goodbye to their old home in Morisset and moved to the Central Coast. Samaritans Senior Support Worker, Kelly, said that all three residents were exhausted, but extremely happy after their big move.

“Julie was so excited to start unpacking her room and making up her bed. She is extremely proud that she now has a large bed room with her own bathroom,” Kelly said.

“Ricky said that his new home was like a palace and Robert was extremely happy that he was able to bring his pet birds,”

“This is another good feeling experience for me while working with Samaritans. Supporting Rob, Ricky and Julie has been an absolute pleasure. The emotion and the joy I have personally felt supporting these guys is something I will always remember. The family unity that the three of them have is beautiful, they all have their own personal strengths and skills. This is what brings out the best in them and why it works as good as it does,” Kelly said.


Robert, Ricky and Julie have moved into one of Samaritans’ many Supported Independent Living homes, which offers people with a disability tailored accommodation with as much or as little support as they need.