Make Renting Fair

Over 2 million people rent their homes in NSW – that’s one in ever three households.

Every Australian deserves secure and affordable housing, however under the current NSW legislation, renters are at risk of unfair eviction.  Samaritans has joined the pledge to amend sections 84 and 85 of the NSW Residential Tenancies Act 2010, which currently allows a landlord to issues a ‘no grounds’ eviction notice at the end of a fixed term lease or once the lease is outside of a fixed term.  This form of unfair eviction is causing insecurity for long term renters, many of whom fear asserting their rights due to fear of eviction.

8% of all Australian renters have experienced a ‘no grounds’ eviction and NSW renters are most likely to fall victim.

Samaritans has signed the pledge to Make Renting Fair in NSW.

You can show your support and take action by signing the pledge too, click here.