Friendship House Celebrates 20 Years

Samaritans recently celebrated the 20th Anniversary of Friendship House.  Volunteers, men supported through the program, official guests and staff gathered to celebrate the success of the post-release program over the last 20 years.

The program helps these men be part of the community by providing them with the support and guidance of a volunteer to assist them in meeting their goals and as they re-enter society. The recidivism rate for men who participate in the Friendship House program is below 14%, compared to a significantly higher rate of 60% in the general post- release population.

Guests enjoyed hearing stories from the volunteers and the men we support, as well as watching a historical video about the program followed by a celebratory morning tea.  It was fantastic to be joined by local MP’s, Sonia Hornory and Tim Crackanthorp, amongst other esteemed guests.  You can watch the story on NBN news here. You can also read more about the event in ABC News, here.

As non-Government funded program, Samaritans is proud of the longevity of Friendship House, which has supported over 480 men in the last 20 years.