Drumming up success

Samaritans DRUMBEAT program has proven to be a hit!

The program, which promotes social and emotional learning through rhythm, has just begun its second two year contract with the Communities for Children with SMITH Family Funding in the Port Stephens area.

Samaritans DRUMBEAT facilitators, Nioka O’Leary and Janelle Wheatley were recently presented with Education Week Awards in recognition for outstanding contribution to social and emotional learning through the delivery of the DRUMBEAT program.  Nioka and Janelle support children across two schools by facilitating the program on a weekly basis.  “It is rewarding to see the students’ personal growth throughout this fantastic program,” Janelle said.

The program also demonstrated success at Callaghan College’s Mental Health Olympics Day, where Year 9 students participates in a range of activities to improve their health and well being.

“I liked working together as a team”

“It felt good once you got the rhythm.”

“it’s great to see the students working together as a team to create a rhythm.  It also gives them an opportunity to express themselves,” said Karen Rubi, facilitator.