Crisis Winter Appeal

People in our local community are currently facing unprecedented challenges because of COVID-19.

As most Australians isolate within their own homes, our frontline staff are still here providing support to those who need it.

Right now we are providing:

  • Emergency food and toiletry packages to people in need
  • Support to people living with a disability
  • Homelessness support and accommodation
  • Support for women and children escaping domestic violence
  • Mental health support via Telehealth
  • Support to young people and families

We know that an issue like COVID-19 is going to have the greatest impact on those in our community who are already in a vulnerable situation. They will be significantly affected by the immediate threat as well as the longer-term repercussions of the pandemic.

This is why crisis or not, we will continue to work to support those members of our community
who need it.

But we need your help.

During winter our services already experience a spike in demand. Now, with lock downs in place, job losses, and lack of paid sick leave we will have thousands of locals struggling to provide food for the table and a roof over their head. We are preparing for an unprecedented demand on our most vital services this winter.

Please stand with us on the frontline and provide kindness and support to people in their time of need.

Right here. Right now. You can make a difference. Please donate to our crisis winter appeal today.