Connecting at Kaiyu Konnect

Samaritans Kaiyu Konnect program offers community and center-based activities to support adults living with a mental illness to achieve their goals.  The people we support benefit greatly from this program and Samaritans is proud to offer a positive experience for participants as highlighted in the stories below.

​”I love the social connection at Kaiyu.  We go on exciting holidays and recently went to Shoal Bay. I like that we get to meet new people through the program, have a laugh and feel like yourself-  it feels comfortable here.  I enjoy outings such as bowling, clubs but mainly just having fun out of the house.  I enjoy helping others, cleaning, doing the dishes and generally being friendly to the other people here.  If I have a bad day, coming to Kaiyu helps to boost my energy and makes me feel better.” ~ Sharna, pictured above.

“I’ve only been attending Kaiyu for about five months but everyone is so nice here. They are good listeners and I love the human interaction. I’ve been to many groups before but here at Kaiyu I think the activities we participate in are more relevant. I feel so welcome here.” ~ Kristy, pictured above.

gary kaiyu.jpg

“It’s happy and peaceful at Kaiyu and the program just gets you out of bed in the morning.  It has given me confidence as well as people to talk to.” ~ Gary, pictured above.