Tabatha draws for a Cause

Tabatha Tyne is a young local artist who is keen to make a difference. Tabatha set about to complete a ‘Youth Communication Card’ project to help support young people who are struggling to express their feelings and ideas.

“I have been practicing art since the age of 15 as a way for me to express and communicate my interests, ideas and emotions. I have been encouraged by the team at headspace Maitland to explore this project further to learn more about myself and the world around me,” Tabatha said.

The Youth Series card set is a unique method of establishing and supporting communication and engagement with young people whilst offering a creative approach to understand emotions and feelings.

It is primarily intended for use in care, education and therapy settings to support young people who might be struggling to communicate about how they are feeling.

“I started drawing the images for my own benefit and then learnt that others may also be able to find value from them in their own ways too, and it soon became a goal for me to create a useful, youth friendly tool to help other young people,” Tabatha said.

This card set can be utilised in a number of different ways depending on individual needs and can be used as an ice-breaker exercise, a tool to prompt and engage in conversation, and even to assist individuals in identifying and setting goals.

The cards feature easily recognisable images which may be helpful in the understanding and discussion of difficult or complex topics.

“I am currently studying social work at the University of Newcastle and I hope that through this project, I can grow my experience in working with young people by creating resources to help others,” Tabatha said.

By purchasing these cards, you are making a positive impact by supporting youth who need assistance in our community through the Samaritans Foundation, as well as Tabatha as she launches her project. Card sets can be ordered by phoning Samaritans Head Office on (02) 49607 100 or visiting