Aussies urged to think about their limits during Responsible Gambling Awareness Week

Residents in the Coalfields are being encouraged to think about their gambling choices during Responsible Gambling Awareness Week 2017.

Responsible Gambling Awareness Week will run in NSW from 23 to 29 October and people are being asked to take a moment to think about how responsible their gambling practices are.

Gambling Help counsellor Graeme Penney from Samaritans said it is always a good time for people to consider if they need to make any changes to their gambling behaviour.

“It can be hard to avoid being lured by the mass of sports media coverage and sports betting advertising on TV and on social media. Young men especially can be tempted by notifications and invitation to place bets on their smart phones.

“Regardless of your betting choices, sports, horses or pokies, Responsible Gambling Awareness Week is a great time to keep your limits in mind or even stop gambling completely. It can become very expensive for some families but the good news is that most people who seek help do achieve their gambling control goals,” Mr Penney said.

Responsible Gambling Awareness Week in NSW is run by the NSW Government’s Responsible Gambling Fund. Samaritans is the local service provider in the Hunter and Mid North Coast and can help people to change their gambling behaviour. They can be reached via our Gambling Counselling webpage.

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