Christmas in the home of a Samaritans Foster Carer

Christmas in our home is fun, relaxing, very social, full of traditions: it’s organised chaos!

We are made up of myself and my hubby  – and our nine children.

We have four “biological” kids and 5 bonus kids through long term foster care. We make up one loud crazy loving strong family!

There is no distinction in our family – they all identify as one big group of siblings.

Most of our Christmas traditions we have made together as a family. We read Christmas stories and decorate the house, and we prioritise extended family visits for the little ones; with their “other mums and dads”. If there are any Christmas traditions that they have always done with their kids, before they came to live with us, we try to honour those too.

This year, some of the kids mums and dads will also be a part of some of our celebrations. I could not imagine what Christmas would be like without your whole family to celebrate with and I am always mindful of how they feel around this time of year.

This Christmas I’m looking forward to creating memories and having great fun with my family.

-Bronwyn, Samaritans Foster Carer

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