Caleb Achieves his Special Olympics Dream!

Samaritans is very excited and proud to announce that Caleb Smith, who is supported by Samaritans Disability Services, has been selected to compete in the Trans-Tasman Tournament for the Special Olympics in New Zealand!

“I am really excited to be chosen and it’s all down to my hard work and dedication to my swimming training,” Caleb said.

Caleb is set to compete in a number of races including freestyle, backstroke and the brace relay.   As a dedicated swimmer Caleb has been training for 10 years but he also enjoys the social aspect of the sport. “I think swimming is a good sport because of meeting people. I have made friends, it’s really, really good,” he said. In the future Caleb hopes to continue with all of his sporting achievements, not only in aquatics but also in athletics.

Caleb is supported by Newcastle Individual Supports, which offers specialised and flexible disability support. “Samaritans help me with transport to swimming and athletics training and give me encouragement,” Caleb said.

To fund the travel expenses for his trip to New Zealand in November, Caleb has created an online fundraising page, click here.