3 ways to be more resourceful and less wasteful

In light of Op Shop Week (Aug 27-Sept 2) and in the spirit of recycling all things (not just fashion!), we’ve gathered some ideas on how to be more resourceful and reduce your impact on the planet.

1.  Choose reusable over disposable 

The easiest and most efficient way to stop being wasteful is to become aware your bad habits and work to change them.

The three disposables you should avoid are:

  •        Plastic bags
  •        Takeaway coffee cups
  •        Plastic water bottles

Australians use 10 million plastic bags A WEEK! Why not BYO next time you go to the supermarket? Reusable bags are a great way to reduce your waste, as most of the billions of single-use plastic bags end up in landfill – or the ocean – each year.

Just like plastic bags, takeaway coffee cups and plastic water bottles clog our landfill – and avoiding them all is so easy!

  •        Reusable shopping bags (hot tip: keep them in your car or your bag so they’re                  always handy!)
  •        Reusable coffee cups (there are many brands to choose from in various sizes)
  •        Reusable water bottles (aluminium, steel, glass, pouch, even reusable plastic –                they’re all better than single-use bottles!)

2. Remember to turn off your lights and unneeded devices 

It’s something so simple and yet most people are guilty of this. Consuming energy has a huge impact on our carbon footprint as most residents in the Newcastle and Hunter region are still receiving energy from fossil fuel sources. But aside from this it also has a large impact on your energy bill.

Leaving your living room lights on during work and sleep hours can cost on average $33 a month.

Sleeping with the television on can cost from $15-$30 per month – that’s more than the cost of Netflix!

By changing small habits daily you can save money and help the environment. That’s a win, win.

3.  Always choose Op Shops first 

Fast fashion means that we’re buying more (often poor quality) clothing for cheap prices and discarding them quickly – tonnes of textiles are sent to landfill every day. So if you’re sick of your old outfits, try a wardrobe swap with a friend, or choose an op shop first to find something ‘new’ – pre-loved and vintage is the way to go!

Did you know? The op shop option can also save both your stress levels and your wallet when it comes to moving houses, as they often stock furniture, cookware and dinnerware in fantastic condition.

Samaritans op shops have great stock and are always looking for donations if you’re doing a clean out, see for our list of stores.