News of terrorism and the need for non-violence

CEO Social Justice Blog

Our newspapers in recent weeks have been dominated by stories of terrorism. First we had the shooting in Martin Place and last week we had the senseless, barbaric massacre of innocent people in Paris, France. The responses in both cities has been quite admirable. Whilst most people would have been outraged and horrified when they heard the news of the shootings, people in both Sydney and Paris have responded with acts of solidarity, increased concern for their neighbour and determination to continue their way of life despite these threats of terror.

However I do feel that acts of terrorism may become the new norm over the next few years. So much of the problem emanates from the Middle East involving Israel, Palestine, Syria, Iraq etc where Australia has an involvement either through political allegiances or because many of our citizens have relatives who live there. Whatever happens in the future we must remember that violence only ever really achieves more violence.

There is also a further disturbing trend developing across the world and that is:

  1. An increasing gap in income levels between those who are doing well, and those on the lowest income.
  2. An increase in fear, hatred and violence.

An international push towards justice, fairness, non-violence and tolerance may not solve all of our problems, but it would certainly help. We must all play a small part in this and my hope is this is what we will do at Samaritans.