Samaritans launches Winter Appeal to house young people facing homelessness
News and events · 26th April 2021

Samaritans launches Winter Appeal to house young people facing homelessness

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“Many of the young people coming to us have been couch surfing - moving between friend’s couches. That’s such a hidden form of homelessness and it’s so unstable; at any time that person’s friend can turn around and say they’ve overstayed their welcome. It’s no way for a young person to live.”
-Kate, Samaritans youth support

May marks the beginning of the Samaritans Winter Appeal, highlighting the impact of homelessness on youth and raising funds to support important local programs.

Samaritans understands the challenges of housing young people who are disconnected from their families because we have provided government-funded youth homelessness refuges since 1993.

Samaritans believes in providing spaces for young people to feel valued, listened to and respected. Our support services in Newcastle, Lake Macquarie and surrounds includes everything from counselling, accommodation and parenting advice to drugs and alcohol support. See more of our youth services here on our website:

In 2012 we purchased a former school building which had previously been converted it into 21 residences. Now known as Samaritans Student Accommodation, this program is a mix of self-contained studios, one-bedroom units and two-bedroom units.

“It’s a remarkable program. One of the young people living here has been here since she was 16. She’s now 20, enrolled in university, and she’s got herself a job and a car. She’s kicking goals. To me that’s a program that’s doing wonders.”
-Kate, Samaritans youth support

Each student is supported to complete their education with wraparound services that facilitate independent living skills, training and employment opportunities. Residents manage their own finances, transport needs and do their own cooking, cleaning and laundry. 

Samaritans Student Accommodation is funded entirely by community donations. Your support today can contribute to this life-changing program for local young people.