Samaritans Winter Appeal 2024: help us change lives
Latest News · 3rd June 2024

Samaritans Winter Appeal 2024: help us change lives

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Samaritans Student Accommodation supports youth at risk of homelessness who have fled traumatic family situations. This service does not receive any government funding and is completely reliant on the generosity of donors.

Current student Tate felt unsafe at home after their parents refused to accept their sexuality.

Tate is now flourishing in a safe environment, studying at university, and working two casual jobs.

“It has helped me so much to be the person I am,” Tate said.

“If I didn’t have this opportunity, if I didn’t reach out and get all these amazing opportunities, I don’t think I would be alive.”

This year, Samaritans - a Newcastle Anglican service agency - marks four decades of supporting the local community.

“For 40 years, Samaritans has been in the community trying to find new projects and programs which make a difference,” Samaritans President Bishop Peter Stuart said.

“Twelve years ago, we decided to start the Student Accommodation at Wickham and it's one of the services that we're really proud of. It makes a difference in people’s lives and the difference is humbling every time we hear it.”

The service is more than just accommodation. It provides holistic support for students aged 16 to 25 as they continue their education journey.

“They all have their own unique stories and they’re all wanting to have that engagement in education, so we’re here to support that goal,” Samaritans Student Coordinator Matthew Anderson said.

“It fits the needs of the community, and the kids are absolutely grateful for it. We’re not funded by the Department of Communities and Justice (DCJ), it’s purely from the community.”

Over the past decade, almost 90% of students have completed their education or apprenticeship during their stay.

Samaritans is asking the community to support their local charity. Unlike some of the larger national charities, all monies raised go into supporting our local diocesan region.

“One of the most moving things is it’s the people of this community who are providing this support. It’s local money, raised locally for a local charity. It’s making a huge difference,” Bishop Peter said.