Samaritans features in Telstra campaign
Latest News · 29th September 2020

Samaritans features in Telstra campaign

Samaritans staff have adapted extremely well to the technological change and growth we’ve had in recent months, which has improved the ways we can collaborate as well as the ways we support our communities.

These changes have been supported by Telstra and recently Telstra welcomed Samaritans CEO, Brad Webb, onto their podcast to talk about the “tech journey” we’ve been on.

You can listen to the podcast here. Or search Telstra Behind the Mic wherever you listen to podcasts.

“Whilst the crisis that we’re continuing to go through isn’t something we’d wish for, the silver lining is that it’s forced individuals to think about the way we do things. I think our teams and the people we support have enjoyed seeing things shake up a bit and contemplating what’s possible. There is potential in innovation and in thinking more creatively, and technology for us has been an enabler for that kind of innovation.
-Samaritans CEO, Brad Webb, on Telstra’s “Behind The Mic” podcast.

As part of Telstra’s promotion of their support for workplaces, they have featured Samaritans in one of their latest ads. You can watch this ad below or directly on YouTube.