Rod is kicking goals with Samaritans Disability Support Team!
Latest News · 7th June 2021

Rod is kicking goals with Samaritans Disability Support Team!

When Rod moved into Samaritans Supported Independent Living (SIL) house in Elermore Vale he was eager to become more active and explore his new neighbourhood.

During Covid lockdown, Rod began to ride his bike and walk around the neighbourhood. Not only did this help Rod to keep active, but it also helped to make him feel better about not knowing when he could return to normal life.

Rods Goals Samaritans Disability Support

One of Samaritans Disability Support Workers told us more about Rod’s journey to achieve his goals.

The past year really pushed him to keep up with his physical activities so he would not be stuck at home.

Rod has also been supported to go swimming twice a week with one-on-one support workers, Kylie and David. House staff have supported him to prepare healthy food options for his meals and encouraged him to go on early morning walks and bike rides within his local community.

Rod’s favourite part about being more active is that he now gets to purchase new clothes. He is also super proud that everyone notices his hard work and gives him compliments.

Samaritans Supported Independent Living offers people with a disability tailored accommodation with as much or as little support as they need. Our aim is to help individuals achieve a sense of freedom in a safe and welcoming home environment while still receiving the supports required to live their best life.

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