Narelle finds meaning in volunteering
Latest News · 24th May 2024

Narelle finds meaning in volunteering

We are celebrating National Volunteer Week 2024. Here is an example of the work our generous volunteers do to support Samaritans and the wider community.

For Narelle Kaiser, the work she does has special meaning.

The dedicated volunteer donates her time once a week to support a Samaritans service close to her heart.

Recovery Point is a program that helps people who are leaving correctional facilities or alcohol and drug rehabilitation centres.

It enables participants to re-engage with the community and gain access to other services and programs.

Narelle said Recovery Point was doing important work in the community.

She believed the program could have saved a loved one.

“My nephew was a drug addict. He passed away. He’d been in jail, used, and overdosed,” she said.

“I needed some closure and I knew what I always wanted to do, came in here, explained my story and said: ‘I want to volunteer.’

“I think if this had been around when my nephew was still alive, we could’ve saved him.

“That’s why I’m here, and I love it.”

National Volunteer Week takes place from 20-26 May.

It recognises the diverse passions and talents people bring to the act of volunteering.

This year’s theme, ‘Something for Everyone’, aims to showcase the possibilities and impact that emerges when everyone finds their meaningful role in making a difference.

Narelle said she had found real purpose in her role as a volunteer at Recovery Point.

“I do the work development orders and the data entry. If there’s anything else they need me to do, then I do it,” she said.

“I get so much satisfaction here, it’s my happy place.”

Samaritans has more than 120 volunteers who assist with services and programs, including Retail, Emergency Relief, Disaster Relief, Recovery Point, and Student Accommodation.

Thank you to all of our volunteers.

Samaritans volunteer Narelle Kaiser at Recovery Point in Broadmeadow.