How to choose the best child care
Latest News · 22nd July 2021

How to choose the best child care

We all want our children to do well, whether it’s at school, on the sports field or amongst their friends.  

Your child’s physical, mental and emotional health and wellbeing, from birth through to the beginning of adulthood, are incredibly important.

It is during the preschool years that children start to develop their own sense of independence and self-assurance so important in preparing them.

Nurturing children from birth is essential in helping them become successful, independent, functioning adults. This includes:  

  • Concentrating and learning to problem solve
  • Learning how to interact and relate to others as well as manage emotions
  • Learning how to communicate, to understand and use language to develop important skills for reading
  • Refining both gross and fine motor skills (i.e the whole body working together) 
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Quality Early Childhood Education is one of the most effective ways of ensuring children have the best start in life.

So, how do you choose the best child care? What are you looking out for? Here are 4 key indicators of a great Early Learning environment.

1. A program to prepare your child for further learning 

Apart from developing social and independence skills, the whole purpose of early childhood education is to prep your child for further learning in primary school, high school and beyond. Your child should have access to school readiness programs, or preschool programs, in the later years at their Early Learning Centre.

Samaritans Early Learning Centres school readiness and preschool programs are run by qualified teachers, extending on children’s interests and promoting a love of learning through a play-based curriculum.

Children will develop respectful relationships with others, while learning valuable skills such as turn taking, problem solving and strategies to assist them in regulating their own emotions.

Language development is fostered as children learn to communicate their own thoughts and ideas, ask questions and listen to others.

Children are exposed to early literacy and numeracy concepts in a meaningful and relevant way throughout everyday practices.

All children are encouraged to develop their self help skills and independence, ready to make a smooth transition to school.

2. Exposure to diverse cultures and groups

Learning the value of difference and diversity is crucial for a child’s early development. Children need to learn to appreciate and accept the differences of others so they can become well-rounded, respectful members of society. 

At Samaritans Early Learning Centres, our educators incorporate an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander perspective into the learning program so children have a broader understanding of the traditional owners of this country, plus our neighbours overseas.  

We encourage children to develop a deep understanding of other cultures and give them the social skills needed to show proper respect.

3. Quality and experienced staff

One of the best indicators of quality care is the qualifications and experience of staff.

When you’re enquiring at a Centre, or on a tour, ask about the experience level of the staff who will be in your child’s room. Also ask if they have many long-serving, staff, as this is a good indicator of experience.

Samaritans employs Teachers and Educators with diploma and Cert 3 qualifications that are passionate and dedicated to ensuring all children are nurtured. Samaritans offers above award salaries conditions to ensure our recruit and retain the best staff.

4. Teaching cooperation and team building

Early learning centres are also the perfect place to learn how to cooperate and work as a team - two essential skills to have before big school. Your child’s educators will teach your child how to share, cooperate and take turns in a safe learning environment full of friends and professionals. 

Working as a team or group is a common theme throughout school - all the way from kindergarten to university!  

Knowing how to behave in a team environment and work together for a common goal will come in handy for group projects in future, plus make your child an agreeable, likeable person. 

Nurture your child’s development and prepare them for school (as well as life) with early childhood education

Early childhood education assists with your child’s development in more ways than one - educators teach your child how to socialise, make friends and work as a team, plus how to respect others and be a valuable member of society.  

At our early learning centre in Woodberry and in Darby Street, Newcastle, our Educators encourage your child to choose their own learning experience and chase their passions and talents, while also giving them a feel for routine and schedules which will become a larger part of their life in primary school.  

Prep your children for school - and life - with early childhood education. We have vacancies in our Darby St, Newcastle centre!  

Contact Samaritans now on (02) 4960 7100 for more information about our early childhood education services.