New Year brings new opportunities

Samaritans CEO

As we celebrate the beginning of a New Year, now is the time to reflect on our learnings from 2016 and our resolutions for 2017. For some this might be spending more time with family and friends or perhaps focusing on a hobby you would like to improve on.  We tend to focus on resolutions that will benefit ourselves and our immediate loved ones.  This year however, when considering your New Years resolutions I ask you to spare a thought for those in our wider community, particularly people in need.

Whether it’s making an effort to regularly check in with the elderly man in your street who lives by himself or perhaps taking on a volunteer role with Samaritans, there are a number of ways we can all make a difference.

I encourage you to embrace the new opportunities that the New Year brings with an awareness of those who may be struggling and a consideration of how you can help.  What will your New Year resolutions be?

Samaritans is a charity that assists thousands of people in need throughout Newcastle & the Hunter. Find out how Samaritans can help you here