New legislation set to give children in OOHC a sense of permanence

CEO Social Justice Blog

It is well known that children and young people need to develop a sense of belonging to places / people in their journey towards adulthood. This is difficult to find in long term Out of Home Care (OOHC) and undoubtedly contributes to the poor life outcomes for young people who find themselves in this situation.

New legislation in NSW ‘Safe Home for Life’ is set to change this and give children in OOHC a sense of permanence in their lives.

Children in future will spend less time in care with more emphasis on supported family restoration or, if this is not possible, to promote open adoption or long term guardianship as a preferred option.

These initiatives will be controversial but provided government funding has the flexibility to follow the child in whatever is the best placement option for them, I support the changed approach. We must do better for these children.