We should never take harmony for granted

CEO Social Justice Blog

Last year I was speaking with a former colleague who told me that her 12 year old son Ron does not believe himself to be Australian, even though he was born here.

Ron is dark skinned and is not part of our dominant Anglo/Celtic culture. Ron also did not believe he belonged in the country where his mother was born because she was part of an ethnic minority group there.

What a sad story. It’s a story which highlights the need for special events such as Harmony Day on 21 March where we are reminded that everyone who is a citizen of Australia belongs here and their culture will be respected.

Australia is a nation where some 45% of the population were born overseas or had at least one parent born overseas.

The Harmony Day vision where everyone, absolutely everyone, is respected and welcome no matter where they come from is a beautiful vision. It is a vision we should all support.

Nations which promote peace and harmony are great places to live and raise a family.

We should never take harmony for granted.