The need for a simpler, more flexible child care system.

CEO Social Justice Blog

This year we are expecting the Federal Government to introduce funding reforms to our child care system.

Most families would agree that the current funding system is complex and child care is far too expensive.

We do need a simpler more flexible system and we do need to maintain the standards which have been adopted in recent years to ensure children receive the best care and education possible.

These days most people recognise the importance of early education for children and we believe this should be available to all children from aged 3 free of charge. This will also help to increase mothers participation in the workforce which is quite low in Australia compared with countries such as Canada, and New Zealand. Whilst free universal early education is unlikely in the near future, one option the Federal Government should consider is to transfer the proposed 1.5% levy on big business from the abolished paid parental leave scheme to our struggling child care system.