NDIS: teething problems will be overcome

CEO Social Justice Blog

There’s been media comment recently about difficulties with the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS).

The National Disability Insurance Agency which has been set up to implement the NDIS has had difficulties reaching its targets. Particular problems have been:

  1. Establishing a new agency at the same time as introducing a new scheme
  2. The relocation of the agency office from Canberra to Geelong causing delays to the recruitment of permanent staff
  3. The lack of appropriate IT systems

It would appear that the NDIS was introduced before the agency was quite ready, but these teething problems will be overcome.

From a Samaritans perspective there are already positives emerging from the new NDIS.

Examples from Samaritans include:

  • 3 families setting up a new home for their 3 adult children, support by agency workers
  • 3 people with a disability identifying common leisure time interests and planning their activity together, supported by a Samaritans worker with a similar interest
  • A participant at one of our day centres befriending a participant in a group home and pooling their NDIS funds so they can go on outings together, rather than in large groups
  • A participant at one of our day centres using his funds to attend Newcastle Knights football games, together with a support worker
  • A participant at one of our day centres using their funds to go out in the evenings and the nursing home where this person lives being flexible enough to allow this to happen

Missing from the equation is of course access to affordable housing, but we are on the way.