“Let’s Guarantee Full Citizenship Rights for All Australians”

CEO Social Justice Blog

This week our federal parliament will begin discussions about changes to the Marriage Act, which should change the definition of marriage from being a union between a woman and a man to a union of two people.

This will open up the opportunity for people in same sex relationships to legally marry.

At this stage, it looks as if the changes will happen and it is a change which I fully support.

We can’t have legislation which excludes certain people and governments should not determine who should marry and who should not.

Gay and lesbian people have suffered greatly from discrimination in the past and the right to marry is the next step in their struggle to end this discrimination.

If we have legislation which excludes certain groups of people, this can encourage vilification, harassment, bullying and even violence. This type of behaviour continues to be experienced by young LGBTI people in Australia.

So let’s say yes to same sex marriage and guarantee full citizenship rights for all Australians.