We’re with the Knights on this one

CEO Social Justice Blog

Earlier this year a new recruit from NZ joined the Knights football team as a front row forward.

Unfortunately before he even played one game he because involved in a savage altercation outside a nightclub in Sydney from which he had been evicted. He bashed his opponent with a severity that was quite uncalled for and he was given a two year sentence.

I was pleased to learn recently that the sentence had been reduced to 12 months with a 12 month parole period. He is a young person from a very disadvantaged background who has been trying to work his way out of poverty and disadvantage on the sports field.

I applaud the way the Knights have supported this young man and his family through this ordeal despite strong criticism the Knights have received through the media.

At Samaritans we believe young people should be held accountable for their actions but there should be some hope for them to rebuild their lives after they have paid the penalty. I am pleased the Knights and Samaritans are on the same page, in this case.