Jenny’s Story

Samaritans Koala House is one of our many Supported Independent Living homes, which offers people with a disability tailored accommodation with as much or as little support as they need. We recently caught up with Jenny, who has been living at Koala House for six months. 

Jenny loves living at Koala House for the location, the quiet neighbourhood, her comfortable room, and above all, the support of Samaritans staff and the company of her fellow housemates.

“I just love living here. I really enjoy it,” Jenny said.

“My room is so comfortable, the neighbourhood is quiet and I enjoy going for walks,”

“The staff make me feel so comfortable and I just like it very much. Jen [Samaritans Senior Support Worker] is such a nice lady. I love people and I love just talking.”

This goes without saying- if you ever have the pleasure of visiting Koala House, you will immediately be welcomed by Jenny, whisked onto the couch and offered a cup of tea before chatting about anything and everything.

Koala House was purchased by Samaritans and readied for the residents to make the move from a previous house at Tanilba Bay.

Jenny explained that since the move from Tanilba Bay, she is so much closer to her family.

“I can go shopping at Charlestown with my Aunty Judy and sometimes I go to Green Hills,” Jenny said.

“I’m closer to my mum and my dad too.”

Jenny is most excited, however, for her upcoming trip that she recently planned with the help of Samaritans staff.

“Lynn [Samaritans Disability Support Worker] and I are going to Coffs Harbour for two nights to see Elton John. Lynn is a lovely lady. The stuff are just so helpful,” Jenny said.

“I just love living here. I really enjoy it.”