Increase resources to keep the children of NSW safe

CEO Social Justice Blog

Last week the NSW Minister for Family & Community Services was under constant attack in the media because of case worker shortages in our region.

Whilst shortages are disappointing, we should remember that even if we double the number of child protection case workers this will not solve the child protection crisis in NSW.

What we need is to double the availability of support services and early intervention services to families with children under six, particularly those experiencing extreme disadvantage.

As the old saying goes, it takes a village to raise a child. If a parent is trying to combine their parenting role with dealing with serious issues such as mental illness, addiction, domestic violence and homelessness, this is too much of a challenge for a parent alone.

We as a community should urge our Premier & State Government to significantly increase resources to keep the children of NSW safe. Our children deserve this and we can’t just blame whoever is the current minister if the resources in her department are inadequate.