Hopes ‘Summit for Freedom’ will achieve united voice

CEO Social Justice Blog

The upcoming ‘Summit for Freedom’ to be held in Alice Springs on 27 November is a great initiative.  It is envisaged that leaders from over 200 First Peoples clans and nations will gather together for the first time to present a united approach for future negotiations with the Federal Government.

It will be a major challenge for Summit members to look beyond individual issues and differences and focus on the big picture, particularly increased representation and self-determination for the original owners of this land.

A summit of leaders from each nation is a structure non Indigenous people can understand.

Governments don’t like to deal with individual clans or communities. They are constantly looking to elect their own Indigenous representative advisory group which are not accepted by Aboriginal people as truly representative.

If the Summit can achieve a united voice and a real representation for Australian First Peoples, this will be a significant step forward in the journey towards reconciliation.