Help us bring visibility to the crisis

Samaritans CEO

Australians are living in the midst of a crisis, an invisible crisis affecting 26,000 young Australians.

Imagine not knowing when your next warm shower will be, how you will find a place to sleep tonight or where to keep your belongings safe – all that you own.  This is the reality for too many young Australians.

We don’t often notice a young person sleeping in their car, couch-surfing at a friend’s house or living in a refuge.  Youth homelessness is an invisible crisis.

The current rental affordability struggle, coupled with low youth allowance payments and a lack of job opportunities creates dire outcomes for vulnerable young people, many of whom are escaping family violence.  Furthermore, there are insufficient supports in place to help these young people who are falling victim.

Samaritans is taking active steps to tackle youth homelessness but with your help we can achieve a lot more.  We can bring visibility and hope to the 26,000 young Australians with nowhere to call home.  With your help, we can continue to provide holistic, wrap around services to support young people in our community to navigate through tough times and achieve their dreams.

We are calling on you, our community, to dig deep and give what you can to our Winter Appeal.  Even a small donation can make a big difference to the life of a person in need.   Together we can bring visibility to this crisis.  Together we can make a real difference.