Great work on Mental Health Week

CEO Social Justice Blog

The recent Mental health week which was heavily promoted by the ABC certainly helped raise awareness of mental ill-health around Australia. This is surely a good thing and will help reduce stigma into the future.

With some 25% of young people under 25 years battling some form of mental ill-health, most families would be aware of the struggles such young people face. The difficulties seem to be increasing, particularly in areas such as anxiety, depression and addiction. At Samaritans, we come across mental illness in many of our services, such as youth homelessness, child protection, support to people leaving prison, disability services, out of home care and emergency relief.

There are ongoing shortages in mental health services for young people, particularly at the onset of mental ill-health. Mental health receives only 7% of the State’s health budget even though the numbers of people affected are almost double this.

Congratulations to all those that supported Mental Health Week. It was a good week for people with mental ill-health and their families.