Samaritans Winter Appeal 2023
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Samaritans Winter Appeal 2023

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Imagine going to school today, not knowing where you are going to sleep tonight.

That’s the brutal reality for many young people.

But you can help. Please donate to the Samaritans Winter Appeal and help us change lives!

Each day more and more young people in our region face homelessness. They are often escaping family violence and neglect.

Bree is one of the incredible young residents currently living at our Student Accommodation.

Bree suffered a traumatic family breakdown. She didn’t feel safe and felt that she wasn’t welcome in her own home. With her possessions in a bag, she started staying with friends at the age of 16.

Her friend’s parents helped her find a place to stay at Samaritans refuges, but Bree always had a goal to secure more permanent home at Samaritans Student Accommodation. She described it as like “a mirage in the desert.”

Natalia is also an incredible person who came through the Student Accommodation. From a young age, Natalia was in and out of refuges and foster care homes, as well staying with friends, because home wasn’t a safe place. At 15, Natalia stayed at the Samaritans youth refuge and knew she wanted a better and healthier life. She was motivated to secure a place at our Student Accommodation.

Natalia was a resident at our Student Accommodation for three years and now lives independently as she studies at the University of Newcastle. Natalia is ready to give back and is a supporter of Samaritans. Read more about Natalia's story here.

Providing safe housing for people like Bree and Natalia, gives them the opportunity to learn. It builds their independence and allows them to create their own future. They begin to flourish!

Without ongoing community support, this program would not exist. It does not receive Government funding.

Having someone like you on their side is key to their success. Thank you for donating to Samaritans this winter.