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Make a Donation and Support Your Community

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2023 has been a difficult year but your support can make a real difference to real people.

Christmas will be especially tough for many Hunter and Newcastle residents this year. Samaritans need your support to make sure local families have gifts to open and food to enjoy on Christmas Day.

For many people in our region, 2023 has been extremely challenging.

Christmas should be a time of joy and giving. But with a housing crisis and skyrocketing cost of living, there are more people entering the Christmas period with empty pockets and empty cupboards. Many parents and carers will be unable to afford the simplest of Christmas gifts.

Your financial contribution will go a long way.   

We're asking you to shout someone a meal or donate a gift to those experiencing homelessness, isolation, domestic violence, or financial stress this Christmas.  

  • $25 can provide a gift for a child to open on Christmas morning. 
  • $50 can feed a couple on Christmas Day.  
  • $100 can feed a family of four on Christmas Day. 
  • $150 can feed a family and provide gifts for the children. 
  • Or a $ value of your own choice.

Your contribution will make a real difference to families in need this year.

Samaritans is service agency of Newcastle Anglican and has been proudly raising money and supporting locals for more than 30 years.