Coffs Harbour Behaviour Support Forum

Workshop: Wellbeing

This interactive workshop is designed for people working in direct support, clinical and planning roles for people with disability, and may also be of interest to team leaders and managers who support staff in these roles.

Workshop Objectives:

  • Gain an understanding of wellbeing and related concepts
  • Gain an understanding of stress, carer fatigue and burnout
  • Identify signs of stress & triggers for stress
  • Explore a range stress management strategies
  • Gain an understanding of health and wellbeing outcomes for people with disability
  • Gain an understanding of how to support the wellbeing of a person with disability
  • Provision of resources for managing stress and improving wellbeing for “all”

Date: 6 June 2017

Time: 9am – 1pm

Venue: C.ex Coffs. 1 Vernon St, Coffs Harbour

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