Dual Nationality and the Right to Australian Citizenship

CEO Social Justice Blog

I can understand that some young people whose parents and relatives move to Australia from the Middle East might be tempted to travel back there to help build an Islamic State – with groups such as ISIL.

After all most of the ISIL group appear to be Sunni Muslims from Iraq a country ripped apart by the US led invasion back in 2003; and if Jewish people can have their own country named Israel why can’t Muslims have something similar.

However, I cannot understand how anyone growing up in Australia would want to participate in the abominable atrocities the ISIL group engages in – there is nothing noble about this group.

I quite understand that the Federal Government might require people with dual nationality to forgo their dual nationality if this involves countries hostile to Australia.

However, it is unacceptable that the Minister for Immigration be given the power to strip Australians of their citizenship if they support unfriendly foreign powers.

Only a court of law should have this authority and even then I would probably disagree.

The original convict settlers in Australia were in fact deported from the UK. Should the Minister for Immigration have the power to send the descendants of these settlers back to where they came from? I don’t think so.