The disappointment in the new Child Care Policy

CEO Social Justice Blog

This week the federal government has released its long awaited Child Care Policy.

The two major improvements appear to be:

  1. Combining the current 3 tiered system of benefit / rebate and fee assistance into one means tested approach.
  2. The new policy will save families earning between $65,000 and $170,000 some $30 per week.

The disappointment in the new policy is that subsidised child care will no longer be available for parents not in the workplace.

Currently these parents can access child care for 24 hours per week with no work test and it’s a policy which really helps families struggling with disadvantage.

We understand that our Federal Government wants to encourage more people into the workforce but child care should not be the incentive.

The world of families is changing. Just as all five year olds need to attend primary school, and all 4 year olds need preschool, in today’s world all children under 4 should have access to quality childcare / education if they are to develop into young adults prepared for an exciting future.

If only the children of the affluent have access to child care and preschool, education inequality will be well entrenched by the age of 5.