Concerns continue over CoA recommendations

CEO Social Justice Blog

In the lead up to next week’s federal budget, Samaritans continues to raise serious concerns about the recommendations contained  in the recent Commission of Audit Report.

We are particularly concerned about proposed cuts to Emergency Relief and Financial Counselling services. If implemented, this would mean that for the first time in Samaritans’ history we would have to turn people away. Also, more people would face eviction and bankruptcy.

An additional concern is the introduction of co-payments for visits to a GP. Many of the people we support will not turn up if this is introduced and emergency departments in hospitals will become busier treating illnesses which should have been dealt with earlier.

If the Federal Government is short of cash, we support the Prime Minister’s one-off tax levy on high income earners. We should remember that this problem is being caused by 10 years of tax cuts which have been supported by both major political parties.

We realise that the Federal Government will ignore some of the recommendations in the Commission of Audit report. Let’s hope they ignore the right ones.