Christmas Cheer

CEO Social Justice Blog

At Christmas, we celebrate the birth of a small child born in very humble circumstances who grew up to bring a message of hope and liberation for all people, particularly for those experiencing oppression and marginalisation in our community.

Christians have continued to promote this message over the centuries, even though our voices are sometimes drowned out by those promoting only self interest.

At Samaritans, we go the extra mile at Christmas time.  Whilst we can continue to celebrate Christmas ourselves in our churches and families, we try to ensure that the joy of Christmas reaches everyone, particularly the lonely, the homeless and the marginalised.  Christmas hampers, gifts for children and our wonderful Christmas Day Luncheon in Newcastle, Wyong and Singleton ensure that the hope of Christmas is shared by all in our community.

Without this, Christmas can be a time of sadness, loss and loneliness.  We are indeed fortunate at Samaritans to bring meaning to the word Christmas for so many people in our community.  God’s love is for everyone.  This is the message we share at Christmas time.