Childcare Crisis

Samaritans CEO

Australia is currently facing a shortage of childcare spots and the number of children needing care is predicted to increase from 1.7 million to 2 million in the next three years. It is vital that the importance of access to quality child care for all families is not overlooked. The lack of childcare options readily available is slowing down the return of parents to work and in some cases deterring them from returning to work altogether. As the demand for childcare continues to grow, waiting lists will become longer and no doubt fees will continue to rise.

Samaritans is proud to offer two quality Early Learning Centre services, located in Woodberry and Newcastle. Our centre’s program is based on the Early Year’s Learning Framework offering a caring, challenging and stimulating environment with activities that allow children to develop to their full potential. With more government funding directed to not-for-profit organisations offering quality childcare services, the supply of services can grow to facilitate the imminent demand.

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