Celebrating Op Shop Week with a new store opening!

Samaritans CEO

August 27 – September 7 is National Op Shop Week – a time to celebrate all of the fantastic work that goes into making Op Shops such a valuable part of the community. Australia generates 6000kg of ‘fashion waste’ every 10 minutes.   That is a confronting statistic when contrasted with the amount people in need in our country who are going without sufficient clothing or shelter. Op Shops inspire the community to not only recycle but to also give to those who are less fortunate.

Through the success of our shops in Mayfield, Wallsend and Hamilton, and the generosity of the community and volunteers in supporting these; we are privileged to open another shop in Boolaroo this week.

We are excited to expand our retail services to support people in the Lake Macquarie region. The shop will not only offer affordable items for people who are struggling but will also provide locals with the opportunity to recycle their pre-loved clothing and items.

Additionally, Samaritans shops serve an important role in assisting to raise funds for programs that attract little to no government funding. They also provide goods to people in need with vouchers supplied through our emergency relief centres. Our shops are largely staffed by volunteers and we are grateful for their generosity and commitment to the work of Samaritans. We simply could not operate without their contribution.

The success of our shops relies on the goodwill of the community to donate clothing, manchester and bric-a-brac. I ask you to please consider a donation to our stores to help them continue to thrive. Click here for more information on our store locations.