Celebrating National Youth Week

Samaritans CEO

This week we celebrate National Youth Week from March 31 – April 9. It represents an important opportunity for young people to have their say, be heard and connect through events and activities.

Young people today face many challenges and National Youth Week is a time to reflect on the areas of improvement needed for youth. Employment opportunities is a key area that I would like to see addressed.  Studies reveal that 1 in 7 young people are at risk of homelessness and a lack of appropriate job opportunities is no doubt a contributing factor.

Even though young people, aged 12-25, represent 20% of Australians their voice is significantly underrepresented in political forums.  It is predicted that the current generation of young people are likely to have lower standards of living than their parents, with many young people missing out on our country’s wealth.  I would like to see a national youth strategy address areas of improvement needed to ensure a sustainable future for young people including employment opportunities and affordable housing.

Samaritans invites the community to celebrate Youth Week at Hamilton South Community Hall on Monday 10 April 10am – 2pm.

Samaritans is a charity that assists thousands of people in need throughout Newcastle & the Hunter.