Breaking the mental health stigma

Samaritans CEO

Over the past few years there has been greater discussion around mental health and encouragement to open up and just talk about it. Initiatives such as ‘R U OK? Day’ have been instrumental in stirring much needed conversation around mental health.

However, statistics reveal we are not quite there yet. There is still a stigma, particularly amongst youth, around getting help for mental health issues. New research reveals that 26% of young people ages 12-25 would not tell anyone about a personal mental health issue and 22% would be unlikely to even discuss it with their family or a doctor.

The Big Stigma campaign recently launched by headspace is a step in the right direction towards breaking down the mental health stigma for young people.   Commuters in Melbourne’s Southern Cross Station were invited to literally remove a piece of stigma from an installation made of thousands of panels. Click here to watch the news footage.

You can get involved too and start tearing down the stigma by visiting Together we can make a difference so that all young people feel comfortable to talk about and seek support around mental health issues.

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