‘Boot camp’ for young people

CEO Social Justice Blog

This week the Federal Government has floated the idea of introducing boot camps for early school-leavers who have little chance of finding paid employment.

Whenever I look at a new proposal for young people I apply the “circle of courage” test; a philosophy of youth work which has stood the test of time originating amongst Native Americans.

This is a 4 quad circle to build resilience in young people:

1. Belonging – a sense of belonging not just to family but to broader community

2. Mastery – we all need to learn to be confident or good at something

3. Independence – from early childhood we should be encouraging children to make decisions and solve problems with feedback from adult mentors

4. Generosity – we should all seek to make a positive contribution to the life of another person

Whilst we should wait further details of these boot camps, at this stage they won’t be getting my vote.