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Samaritans vision is for a society without poverty, where there is inclusion, care, dignity and opportunity for all its citizens.

However there are roadblocks in the community holding back this vision.

Our blogs seek to identify these roadblocks and point to ways to overcome them.


Blog Posts

Tackling Everyday Sexism

“Jeez, it’s just a joke.” “You’re offended? Ugh, it’s political correctness gone mad!” Sound familiar? These are the common responses you’d likely hear if everyday sexism is called out. What is everyday sexism, you might ask? It’s not a silly…

An inspiring determination to succeed

Samaritans CEO

I recently had the pleasure of attending the annual Bean Counters Ball, a fundraising event that raises money to support youth and education in our region, including Samaritans Student Accommodation. One of the highlights of the evening was the privilege…

Good Samaritans Day

Samaritans CEO

​This week Samaritans celebrates a momentous milestone – Good Samaritans Day on October 14. Good Samaritans Day this year marks 33 years since the Samaritans Foundation was formed in 1984. It is an opportunity to reflect on the challenges, the…