Leave a gift to Samaritans in you Will.

Help us to help people in need by leaving a bequest

We all usually want a number of people to benefit from the legacy we can leave behind. First will be your immediate family; next, your other family members and close friends.

Beyond that, many people wish to leave a living legacy that will keep their memory alive for generations to come. By nominating Samaritans, you will allow Samaritans to continue important work in the community assisting those most in need.

Samaritans cares for people in need from before birth to old age. Our mission is to support the disadvantaged and marginalised, those who fall through the cracks of our increasingly more demanding society.

Listen to our former Chief Executive, Cec Shevels, share with you about why leaving a gift to Samaritans will benefit your community:

For more information on how you can leave a gift to Samaritans, and to be mailed a Bequest Booklet please call Samaritans on 1300 656 336.

To leave a gift to Samaritans in your will, contact Samaritans on 1300 656 336 or fill out the form below.

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