Balance for better – for all women

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This week for International Women’s Day we are being challenged to consider how we can do better at balancing gender equality. How can we all, as a society, #BalanceforBetter?

A question I often consider in my role at Samaritans is, how can we make society equitable for all women, particularly those who do not have the privilege of others?

We must recognise the additional barriers that exist for marginalised women, such as disabled and Indigenous women, and ensure a balanced society supports them to be involved and to thrive.

Representation is an important starting point to achieving #BalanceforBetter, and Samaritans currently has strong female representation at a Board, management and staff level.

The Samaritans Board has four women and six men, our Executive Leadership Team comprises of four women and two men and our Senior Management Group is made up of 29 women and 10 men.

Diversity is strength and our efforts in addressing gender inequity extend beyond female representation.

For example, the Samaritans Reconciliation Action Plan includes actions to achieve more equitable hiring and support for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. Samaritans is striving to better celebrate cultural and linguistic diversity through Harmony Day and similar activities.

In addition, Samaritans has a Violence Against Women policy and the Samaritans Domestic and Family Violence Prevention and Awareness Committee (DFV-PAC) is in the final stages of completing a new Domestic and Family Violence policy that will offer better and more streamlined support to staff.

Samaritans recognises that much like in the broader community, our work towards balance, fairness and equity must be unwavering. There’s always work to be done.

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