Asian Cup: embracing multiculturalism

CEO Social Justice Blog

The recent Asia Football Cup in Australia appears to have been a great success, especially as Australia were the winners. It was great to see representatives from 14 Asian countries all competing happily together in the sporting arena and the Cup has proved a great example of how people of different cultures and ethnic backgrounds can relate well together given the right opportunities.

The Cup gave us the opportunity to highlight Australia’s multiculturalism where several of our Asian visitors found they had supporters here from people whose families came from their part of Asia originally. Even our own Australian team boasted names like Coach Postecoglou and Jedinak the Captain and the two goal scorers in the final were Troisi and Luongo. All this demonstrates what a marvellous multicultural nation Australia has become.

It requires a lot of effort to ensure multiculturalism is a success but we do live reasonably happily together here in Australia, and let’s hope this situation will continue.