BLOG: What would the world that Samaritans is advocating for look like?

BLOG: What would the world that Samaritans is advocating for look like?

It would look like justice for First Nations peoples.

In 2017, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people reached out to the people of Australia with the Uluru Statement from the Heart, providing Australia with a clear way forward to deliver reconciliation. The Morrison Government must bring the Uluru Statement to life.

It would look like a safe and stable home for everyone.

A home is a foundation to build a meaningful and fulfilling life. Too often people find themselves fleeing domestic violence, or exiting institutions or prison, and they have nowhere to go. Fairness would look like an increase in social and affordable housing through a State and Federal commitment to the Everybody’s Home campaign.

It would look like an accessible and inclusive society, where people with disabilities no longer feel disabled by the world around them.

This means services are made readily available through the National Disability Insurance Scheme and advocates are funded when a voice is needed to stand up against a situation if it’s not right. Equity would look like the NSW Government committing to ongoing funding for disability advocates, as called for in the disability-led #StandByMe campaign.

It would look like support for children to reach their full potential.

All children deserve to participate in early learning, such as day care and preschool, to have the best chance to thrive as they grow. Our Federal Government must support the Early Learning, Everyone Benefits campaign and their mission to get fair access to early education for all Australian children.

It would look like a society based on equity, where no person is left to live in poverty.

The causes of poverty are varied, but fundamentally it requires an adequate welfare payment to support people through tough times. An equitable outcome requires our leaders to hear the calls of the #RaiseTheRateForGood campaign and increase these payments permanently.

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Australia is a country of wealth and opportunity; however, this opportunity isn’t available for everyone. So long as there is inequity, and the systems in place to support people in need aren’t working well enough, Samaritans will continue to advocate for a more just, fair and equitable society for all.