BLOG: Celebrating women

BLOG: Celebrating women

NSW Women’s Week 2020 runs from 2-8 March and coincides with International Women’s Day on Sunday 8 March. This year’s theme is ‘a celebration of women’.

We celebrate the incredible women and girls who we are privileged to support, to nurture, and to help.

We celebrate the Indigenous woman who experiences and observes firsthand the gaps in health, education, justice and employment in her communities and continues to forge the way ahead for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples rights and recognition.

We celebrate the young woman who overcame homelessness and poverty to graduate from high school and start university.

We celebrate the mother whose determination to succeed saw her find an inner strength, achieve positive changes in her life, and have her children returned to her loving arms.

We celebrate the woman whose disability had been used by others to hold her back, prove them wrong and find a job.

We celebrate the volunteer who found the courage to leave a lifetime of violence and abuse, and in doing so rediscovered her peace of mind and happiness.

We celebrate the girl who found stability and love after an early life of being moved between foster care placements.

We celebrate the woman who overcame addiction, found her way into education, and now works for Samaritans.

We celebrate the woman who reclaimed her life from physical and emotional violence and now enjoys a safe home with her children.

We celebrate the woman who was born into a body that didn’t reflect who she was, and now lives her true life with the identity that fits her.

We celebrate the women that are still on their journey. The women that don’t know if they have the strength, but they try anyway. The women whose paths seem never ending. Those who stumble, those who fall, those who rise time and time again, and those who simply cannot rise sometimes.

These are the women whose path was hard, dangerous, and at times daunting.

These are the women who embody what it is to be brave, determined, and triumphant.

These are the women we choose to celebrate.

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