Homelessness Prevention Week

Samaritans CEO

This week is Homelessness Prevention Week in Australia and the major public event in the Hunter to mark this was the annual Homelessness Connect Day, which took place on Tuesday 1 August this year.  It presented a great opportunity for people experiencing homelessness to connect with vital services and the community.

A number of organisations, including Samaritans, came together to offer assistance with accommodation, health and wellbeing, legal and financial support, employment, study and general support to those who are struggling.  It is the partnership between the government and non-government organisations that makes this event particularly valuable.  Guests enjoyed free haircuts, medical check-ups, hot food, family photos, workshops and more.  The things many of us take for granted.

Whilst initiatives like Homelessness Connect Day today are worthwhile, it is not until the Government addresses core issues such as after care support for children leaving foster care, affordable housing and the impacts of domestic and family violence, which is the largest single cause of homelessness, that a sustainable difference can be made.