4 things you can do today to help the disadvantaged – and they won’t cost a cent

Disadvantaged Australian

We have all had that moment in our lives, where we witness someone less fortunate than us, enduring a hardship we feel powerless to change.

Perhaps it’s a family member battling drug or alcohol addiction. Or a friend in the grips of mental illness.

You start to think, “How can I change this problem? Where should I start?”

The good news is that by acknowledging the complexities of disadvantage you can start to learn about principles of social justice and arm yourself with the power to help those who are disadvantaged and doing it tough. You can share your knowledge with others and you can change other people’s views.

The biggest changes in our society have begun with action like this.

In this blog, you will learn 4 simple, actionable steps that you can take today that will mark a change in the way you think and act so that you may be empowered to help the disadvantaged in our community.

Most importantly, you will be making a positive change in people’s lives.  

  1. Use your social networks

Believe it or not, the proliferation of social media sites has meant that everyone has a voice and a platform. And your voice is powerful, especially within your own network. A study by the Media Insight Project found that a user’s perceived trustworthiness of a news source was greatly impacted by who shared it on social media.

If you find a worthwhile article for a good cause (hint, hint!), share it with your friends and tell them why it’s important to you.


  1. Live with less and you will feel better

Got a spare 5 or 10 minutes on the weekend?

Challenge your family, friends or housemates to a wardrobe clean out and see how many items of clothing you can find that you don’t wear anymore.

Haven’t worn it in more than 6 months? Out it goes! Gather it all up and donate it to those in need. You will be making a difference and clearing some unwanted clutter out of your life.


  1. Give some of your time

You don’t need any special skills or talents. There are plenty of worthwhile organisations out there doing fantastic work for the disadvantaged in our community that would greatly appreciate some people power on their side.

Get out there and give what you can.


  1. Start a fundraiser campaign

What better way to get some much needed motivation to achieve your goals than by doing it for a good cause.

Always wanted to run a marathon? (Or even better, to watch your boss run one!)

Got enough (semi) talented friends to host a Battle of the Bands night?

Sites like My Cause make it simple to get your campaign up and going today.

The hidden bonus – it doesn’t cost you a cent!


Samaritans offers support services for members of our community most in need. To learn more about how you can help the disadvantaged, visit www.samaritans.org.au today.